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Beware of domain verification phishing attacks

We recently received an email from a company purporting to be from eNom (eNom is used by many companies to resell Domain Names, including Namecheap) asking us to verify our domain, otherwise, it will become accessible in three days. We wanted to warn you of the dangers of these phishing attempts.
How to Avoid Domain Phishing Scams
There are some things we recommend:
Be wary of emails that:
  • Come from Unrecognized Senders
  • Ask you to confirm personal information, especially if the request is urgent.
  • Are not personalized
  • Try to intimidate or upset you by threatening you if you do not respond (i.e. your domain will go offline).
Communicate personal information via secure websites:
  • Look for the green bar when logging into a website. In particular, look websites which have verified their company information (EV SSL). Enom, for example, is owned by Rightside Group Ltd, and this clearly shows on their secure pages.
  • Do not communicate confidential information, or log into websites via email \ email links. These could direct you to a malicious website that is built to look like a legitimate one.
  • Do not communicate via telephone, unless you telephone them.
  • Do not Click Links in emails from unknown senders.
  • Beware of Links in emails that ask for personal information or to log into a website.
  • If in doubt (like we were), forward the email to the company it is purporting to be from and ask them to verify it is legitimate before auctioning.

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